May 2020

In the garden house, the facade work has been largely completed and the facade has already been removed. The parquet, carpentry and painting work in the apartements is in full swing. In the front building the facade work is 50 % completed. The interior plaster, drywall and screed work will be completed in May.


April 2020

The structural work has been completed. In the garden house the first facade areas are being removed. The finishing work in the apartments is progressing. In the front building the last windows are installed and the facade work begins. In the apartments, plastering, drywall and screed work is continuing. Due to the current situation, some of the trades involved are experiencing capacity bottlenecks and in some cases difficulties with the supply of materials.




February 2020

The shell of the last floor of the front building is built. The house has already received 50 % of its windows and the expansion can now begin. The district heating is connected and is already being fed into the house. The facade of the garden house is plastered. The interior plastering and screed work has already been completed.



January 2020

The entire shell construction work will be completed in February. The garden house is provided with about 50 % of the facade insulation. The sreed will be laid in all apartments of the garden house in February. In the front building, window construction begins in February and the manholes for the building services will be created. The connection of district heating through Vattenfall will be completed end of January.


December 2019

The shell of the front building will be completed beginning of 2020. The facade work on the garden house has started. The windows are installed, and the interior works is in full swing.

November 2019

The shell of the garden house is completed. At the beginning of 2020, the shell of the front building will be completed too. The insulations works have started in the garden house and the installation of the windows is 60 % completed. The drywall works are in full swing and the plumbing, heating and electrical installations are already in the first four floors.


August 2019

The scaffoldings for the buildings pit protection have been completely pulled off. The basement area of ​​the entire building is almost completed. In the garden house, the 4th floor is built and in the ground floor of the front building, the first shell walls were created. Now the finishing trades begin with their work in the basement. In the next weeks, the facade work on the garden house to the neighbor properties will start.

July 2019

June 2019

The earthworks and the safety measures for the construction of the excavation pit have been completed. The structural work is making good progress. The walls are currently being erected on the ground floor of the garden house. In the front building, the foundation floor has been completed.

February 2019

There are freezing temperatures outside, but construction is progressing fast. The earthworks are almost completed and the excavation pit is completed. The second crane has been set up and the foundation works of the rear building have begun. The shell will be completed in summer.

October 2018

The building permit has been granted

July 2018

Already in July 2018, the demolition of the former motor vehicle workshop began at the Wilhelmsaue 32 property. Immediately after this, the securing of the excavation was completed. The earthworks will continue until December 2018. On this 1,843-sqm site, a total of 59 apartments of between 36 and 144 sqm are being created.